Everyone needs pricing, and I’m no different… Here are my commission prices, please contact me if you have any questions.

The Full Package


Includes Logo,  X panels, X alerts, X scenes, X external sites
 (10-15 hours)



Just looking for some logo work? This is the option for you!
 (3 hours)


$7.50 per panel

Just looking for some new panels? This is the option for you!
(30 minutes each)


$15 per alert

Want some fancy new animated alerts, I got you covered
(30 minutes each)


$15 per scene

Scenes for days
(1 hour each)

External Sites

$15 per asset

Facebook, Twitter banners? Here you go
(1 hour each)

Asset Hosting

$5 per month

Please note that all prices listed are for the shown times, and may take longer depending on the complexity of the commission.